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Don't let preparing and planning for taxes be stressful or complicated. Preparing your own tax return can be extremely difficult with today's complex, constantly changing tax code, and may leave you with more questions than answers.

Often, the majority of people and small businesses use a professional tax preparer to assist with the preparation of taxes. Regardless of whether you are filing a basic or a complex tax return, the rules typically change from year to year and many well-intended people frequently overlook these changes, which leads to submitting an incorrect tax return. By calculating your taxes yourself, you may also end up overlooking allowable deductions and credits.

Harmon Nguyen Kang has the expertise that is needed to help you file your returns while also helping you to minimize your tax liability with careful planning.

Tax Preparation

Here are the tax preparation services we offer:

The team at Harmon Nguyen Kang has significant experience with foreign-owned companies conducting business in the U.S. and specializes in assisting clients with the U.S. planning and reporting aspects of international transactions and informational return reporting.

Harmon Nguyen Kang is also available to advise and assist with extensive tax planning services. We also specialize in assisting taxpayers with significantly delinquent individual, business and fiduciary tax returns resulting in large federal and state tax, penalty, and interest liabilities where the IRS or a state has issued tax liens and levies. Visit our Tax Resolution Services page for more detail.

Tax Education

Tax planning is essential to helping you successfully and legally reduce the amount of your tax liabilities. In addition to making sure that your business is tax compliant, we also can suggest tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income.

We offer tax and education planning to assist start-ups as well as established businesses. We will provide you with a complete list of the most commonly overlooked deductions so that you can limit your tax liability for the following year.

We'll also assist you with tax planning to:

If you own a business or need help with individual taxes, working with a professional tax planning service can help save you more money. Harmon Nguyen Kang partners with a network of specialized, licensed advisors who offer the expertise you need to save on your taxes at affordable prices.

Tax Resources

Here are some links to help you learn more about federal, Texas, and other State taxes:

If you'd like to receive more information about our tax preparation and planning services, please call us at (972) 624-1610 or contact us by email admin@HNKCPA.com.

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