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Relief From Your Tax Burden Begins Today

Escape from the fear of IRS with tax experts you can trust and rely on to ADVOCATE on your behalf to bring about a successful resolution to your tax problems.

It is said that most people's top two fears are that of public speaking and tax problems with IRS - and the fear from tax problems can paralyze people. The government can be relentless and cause much havoc in their goal to get paid by any means necessary. Our aim at Harmon Nguyen Kang is to bring calm and provide protection for our clients so that they have hope in the midst of IRS chaos.

We will not judge you for your situation - we only care to help you escape the fear and solve the problem that comes with getting a notice of tax lien, levy, seizure or garnishment. Harmon Nguyen Kang provides a proven and consistent process to get you from fear and uncertainty to the relief and safety of getting your life back to normal.

Contact & Evaluate

When you contact us, an experienced member of Harmon Nguyen Kang will work with you one-on-one to gather information necessary to evaluate your situation. We can provide a complementary evaluation.


We ADVOCATE for the protection of our clients which is our highest priority. Once you engage our services we will immediately contact IRS on your behalf to STOP any current or imminent liens, levies, or garnishments.

Strategy & Relief

A licensed Attorney or Certified Public Accountant will analyze your IRS issue and implement a STRATEGIC action plan to achieve RELIEF from your tax problems!


Offer in Compromise (OIC) - For taxpayers who are not able to fully pay off their tax debt, an OIC is a formal agreement that can settle a tax debt for less than the amount owed. The IRS can reject this offer if a taxpayer does not qualify or has unfiled tax returns. The Harmon Nguyen Kang team will conduct an in-depth financial interview and ensure that all tax returns are filed to put you in the best position for IRS to accept your OIC. Either way, we will negotiate with IRS on your behalf to settle your tax debt for the lowest amount possible.

Installment Agreement (IA) - At times, a taxpayer receives a monthly IRS payment that is more than they can afford. If you are behind on your taxes you may qualify for an IA which allows a taxpayer to make reasonable payments on their tax liability. An IA will also stop collection calls, tax levies, and garnishments. Harmon Nguyen Kang can assist you in reviewing your current income and allowable expenses to determine an IRS-approved monthly payment that eases the financial burden on you and your family.

Liens and Seizures - Unfortunately, the government can confiscate any of your unprotected assets as payment for tax debt. Furthermore, tax liens can affect your credit making it difficult to get loans.

A tax lien allows the government to seize and have legal claim on your assets and property if you don't pay your tax debt. We can negotiate and settle with IRS to remove the federal tax lien. Tax liens are structured by complicated federal laws, so having a member of Harmon Nguyen Kang on your side that knows how to fight for your rights is crucial.

Penalty Abatement (PA) - Penalties are added on to your tax debt by IRS, and are an added burden, which makes getting out of your debt harder and longer. If the taxpayer is able to provide a legitimate reason, IRS will remove or decrease penalties. Harmon Nguyen Kang can review your case and help show proof of reasonable cause, where it exists. Our experience gives us high success rates with removing penalties.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC) - A CNC is for people who have no means to pay their debt. Without any source of income, you can declare your debt as "currently not collectible." Harmon Nguyen Kang can assess if you qualify for this option - and if so, all collection activities will be stopped so that the government will cease further liens or levies, and won't garnish your wages.

However, the government may be able to collect at a later date. Interest and penalties, for example, can continue to grow while in CNC status. On the other hand, IRS typically won't take an asset if you own less than 20 percent equity in it, or if the cost of seizing it is more than it's worth. A CNC status can only grant you temporary relief (a few months or years), and IRS can reopen your case at any time. This happens regularly, especially if you owe additional taxes, sell assets, or increase your income. There is a ten-year statute of limitations for back taxes owed, after which the tax debt is forgiven.

If you have received a notice for a tax lien, levy, seizure or garnishment, let Harmon Nguyen Kang show you how our custom, proven and consistent process for tax controversy and resolution can offer a better way. Call us at (972) 624-1610 or contact us by email admin@HNKCPA.com.

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